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Parker & Jones - Braithwell

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Our Braithwell clinic is due to open on 21st November, with an open day scheduled for November 25th. We will be available to let you have a nosey around the practice and speak to our therapists to get a feel for what we do! Do feel free to pop over and say hi between 1 and 4pm. 

After servicing the Rotherham area from our Brecks clinic since 2017, treating over 3000 individual patients, we desperately needed more space. 

In November 2023, we are opening our new flagship clinic in the beautifully rural village of Braithwell. Whilst still offering our services from our Brecks clinic (don't worry, nothing will change there!), we are now able to increase our availability, along with offering more and more services to cater for the needs of our ever growing list of patients and clients. 

Completely renovated by us (scroll down for some pics!), our 5 room clinic boasts large, airy rooms, new equipment and a relaxing atmosphere to help you to feel yourself once again! 

Our clinic offers Physiotherapy, Sports massage therapy, Acupuncture and Psychotherapy/Counselling. To see our therapists availability please see the online booking page. 

The Renovation

Here are a few pictures of where we started and the progress that we've made. We're still adding some final touches, but we'll share the final product as soon as we can. 


Video Tour

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